Corona pandemic has, undoubtedly, made many of our minds idle especially when you have ample time to spend but nothing to do. Your going out is cut, your partying is cut, shopping malls are shut, schools and colleges are closed, your roaming around is cut, your kitty party is not happening, you have a very short WFH due to less work from your employer. And so on.

The obvious question here, arises as to how to spend time but not to do “ নেই কাজ তো খই ভাজ ” which is parallelly similar to the English proverb “idle mind is devil’s workshop “.

During this lock down period, people around the globe are doing something or the other to spend time or to kill time (to someone). Some are trying to fulfil their dreams, some are trying to give a shape to their hobbies, some are involved in music, dance, recitation which otherwise were not possible due to lack of time. Among these, we are not at all considering FB Live which is happening day in and day out.

Out of these numerous activities, one of the most creative works, has been done by VIBGYOR from Mumbai, during this lock down period. And it is nothing but launching an Art Scrapbook involving netizen digitally, globally. The very basic idea to launch This Art Scrapbook was to encapsulate the expressions of the human mind in the form of sketches and paintings during the period of lockdown in India. This was not merely a work of art but a manifestation of hope over the darkness that the whole world was going through.

VIBGYOR is a platform of exploring the heritage, culture, and nature through lens. Since 2012, VIBGYOR has been catering to the quests of many in the field of photography and heritage walk. Presently, VIBGYOR is having 4 chapters in India and they are in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, and Hyderabad. They have close to 2000 members from various walks of life, forming a larger family and this family is expanding.

The idea started taking shape, when Indranil Mukherjee, founder member of VIBGYOR took up 2020-Resolution of doing more paintings than photography to a regular habit since his self-quarantine started from 21st March 2020 in the first phase of lock down in India.

Every day, his sketches were shared across social media along with a message to ‘Stay home and Stay safe’ during the lock down period. Netizen not only received the message, but also got motivated and started taking up art activities. The idea did not stay confined to national boundary and it spread across globe. The paintings and sketches shared across the VIBGYOR platform reinforced the idea to scale up this motivation. The announcement of launching an Art Scrapbook by VIBGYOR involving the Netizen was made.

VIBGYOR started getting responses not only from India but from beyond boundary too.

VIBGYOR has received 23 different types of paintings and these paintings were made by using 11 different types of the medium. Some of the worth mentioning mediums are I-Pad, stone, nail polish, colored paper, acrylic and many others.

In totality, VIBGYOR received close to 150 paintings, out of which selected 123 got featured in the Art Scrapbook with all due credits and captions given by the participants.

The illustrations gathered from people who are not artistes by profession. The population represents members of VIBGYOR fraternity from multiple walks of life and many of them resorted to sketching & painting after ages.

Here goes 5 such paintings which were randomly picked with captions for your eye appeasement-

This Art particularly depicts the time that we have lost the most- Joy Banerjee Kolkata
‘The Holy Dip’ by Indranil Mukherjee, Mumbai
A girl who has finished reading all the books and can’t decide what to read next. Srividya Ramakanthan Kolkata
‘Tintin & Castafiore’ by Vishal Mehta, Cupertino, California
‘Kanha’ by Maitrayee Agarwal, UK

This Art Scrapbook is available for a FREE download from VIBGYOR Official Website

Bong Haat Binodon team congratulates VIBGYOR and its team members for such an innovative initiative to bring out talents from people during this critical period of time. All the very best!



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