Before we start, let’s do a small fact check.

Did you know that mangoes were first grown in India over 5000 years ago? And today, India grows more mangoes than all of its other fruits put together. 

Mango is affectionately called King of all Fruits and it is India’s National fruit. And stunningly, Mango is also the national fruit of Pakistan, the arch rival of India. Moreover, mango is the unofficial national fruit of the Philippines too.

Despite a seasonal fruit, mango remains one of the most cultivated tropical fruits in the world.

India is the world’s largest producer of mangoes and accounts for 52.63 percent of the total global mango production.

Now you must be thinking “Uffs, there is so much of mango, mango and mango”. Right? And when the season is summer, it is mangoes all around the corner. And it has to be like that only. After all the King of all Fruits is here with us this season. Swagat Nehi Karoge Unka? (Will you not welcome him?)

People, round the globe, eat mangoes in different forms in different ways. We, Bengalis, eat mangoes in different ways, in different forms and with different attitude. This attitude of welcoming the King of all Fruits, is different here. And, this time, this difference is created by none other than, your all-time favorite brand Balaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick, a brand which has been creating Mishty Magic since 1885 in Kolkata and in other parts of India on various occasions, various celebrations and throughout the year, round the clock.

You may call it Mango mania, Mango magic, Mango mystery, Mango Mia, Mango moments or Mango Muhurto – all these special moments created by none other than Balaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick during this summer season with varieties of mangoes.

Besides these mangoShondesh, you would also get to eat two more relevantShondesh too. They are Immunity (COVID-19)Shondesh during this world wide pandemic and Jamai Shoshthi SpecialShondesh for Bengali celebration Jamai Shoshthi which falls on 28th May 2020.

Bong Haat Binodon team’s sneak peek into the shop and candid talks with the top management team, have revealed six such mouthwatering and mind-blowing Shondesh that will blow your mind this summer.

Here goes the Mishty Magic created by Balaram Mullick this summer and this is an exclusive story to Bong Haat Binodon audience.  

Amrapali  Shondesh

This summer, the new invention of Balaram Mullick is Amrapali Shondesh. This is a mango based Shondesh with outer cover made of fresh mango layer. This is yum to taste and will set your mood right instantly. But be cautious: one AmrapaliShondesh would never be enough forShondesh loving people like you.

Amrapali  Shondesh

Mango Kalakand

Kalakand is one of the top selling Shondesh in most of the sweet shops in Kolkata. This time Balaram Mullick has made a fusion by adding mango flavour to it. As you would take a bite, you would get small pieces of mango in it. This is yummy and tasty and this would never let you forget this Mango Kalakand.

Mango Kalakand

Mango Doi (Mango Curd)

Summer and without Doi? Hu? Not possible. Things would take a different turn when you get to eat Mishty Doi (Sweet Curd) and things would even be crazier when you would get to eat Mango Doi. Yes. You heard it right. Balaram Mullick’s Mango Doi, this summer, will certainly bring mouthful of happiness to you and to your mood.

Mango Curd Mango Doi

Mango Chomchom

Chomchom is a Bengali Shondesh which is sold by its interesting name only. Another mango magic from Balaram Mullick is Mango Chomchom. This delicious delight would certainly be heaven for the taste-buds when you get to eat them.

Mango Chomchom

Immunity Shondesh (COVID-19 Special)

Our efforts to send Korona Virus to hell is manifested in one of the Shondesh of Balaram Mullick during this COVID-19 pandemic. It is none other than COVID-19 special Immunity Shondesh. This Shondesh consists of Tulsi, Turmeric, Jastimadhu, Galangal, Kalonji, Pipli, Bayleaf, Saffron and 11 more herbs and spices which are nature’s gift to fight germs. Here goes Balaram’s “Immunity Shondesh” wrapped with them and sweetened with Himalayan honey. 

Immunity Shondesh (COVID-19 Special)

Eat this COVID-19 special Immunity Shondesh with one line in mind i.e. ‘Go Korona Go’.

Jamai Shoshti Shondesh:

Like every year this year also Balaram Mullick brings to you Jamai Shoshti Special Shondesh. Made with Nalen Gur (Date palm Jaggery) and big in size will surely win the hearts of the Jamai (son-in-law) in this season.

Jamai Shoshti Special Shondesh

This is a never-ending story of creating fusional Mishty magic by Balaram Mullick with its innovations and creativity using all possible ingredients available. Its taste and delectable flavors have won the hearts of many around the world. Because, playing with flavors has become a kid’s play for them. So be ready for the next fusional magic by Balaram Mullick, you might come across anytime round the clock. Who knows?

Stay tuned with Bong Haat Binodon for more such exciting stories and experiences especially for you.



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