There is a saying ‘when one door is closed, the other one opens up’. The only things required, are our heart and mind aligned to that. This is the beauty of this world and nothing stops nothing, as the entire universe is moving continuously.

Then why let Corona pandemic affect our lives? Why let other lookalike factors put a stop to our lives? There is always a ‘other way round’. Under this lock down situation, though the entire world has come to a pause but creative minds keep on creating creations for us, doesn’t matter what may come in their ways.

Such a beautiful work done by a small team consisting of Sohini, Ananda and Avra who are from different parts of the word, came together and created a beautiful creation.

Yes. A Bengali short film ‘Online’ with English subtitle is created by this team, during this lock down period, staying physically apart from each other by more than 8500 miles.

As the world came to a pause, creative minds let loose. Such is the story of Sohini, Ananda and Avra who refused to sit idle and succumb to the locked-up life. Sohini, a teacher trained in sociology and human resource management with deep interest and experience in performing arts joined forces with her husband Ananda, a doctor and epidemiologist, and brother-in-law, Avra, an engineer and research scholar, embraced their story-telling Avatars

Based out of Seattle, Washington and Denton, Texas, with creative support from family member, Sam in India and media partner Bong Haat Binodon, powered by Bong Haat, they came up with the short film – “On-Line”. This Bengali flick (with English subtitles) talks about the changing times we all are experiencing and is a fun take on how perspectives evolve and align while life continues under a lockdown.   

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Bengali Short Film ‘Online’ with English subtitle | Media Partner BongHaat Binodon | BongHaat.com

এই লকডাউনে তৈরি বাংলা শর্ট ফিল্ম #অনলাইন দেখুন বং হাট বিনোদনের চ্যানেলগুলিতে । এই শর্ট ফিল্মটি উপভোগ করুন এবং আপনার মূল্যবান মতামত শেয়ার করুন | #মাইক্রোবায়োস্কোপ #বংহাট #বংহাটবিনোদন #অনলাইন #নয়াফিউশন Watch this Bengali short film #Online, with English subtitle on Bong Haat Binodon channels. This movie talks about so many things about our life under lock down. When one door is closed another opens up. And the scope is limitless if our heart and mind are aligned to that. Enjoy this movie and share your valuable feedback. #BongHaat #BongHaatBinodon #MonThekeBengali #NayaFusion #MicroBioSCOPE ধন্যবাদ – টিম বং হাট বিনোদন | Bong Haat আমরা মন থেকে বাঙালি

Posted by BongHaat on Sunday, June 7, 2020
Bengali Short Film ‘Online’ in media partnership with Bong Haat Binodon

Watch the movie ‘Online’ on our YouTube Channel

Bengali Short Film ‘Online’ in media partnership with Bong Haat Binodon

Though the word ‘online’ has always been a buzzword in the business world but current situation has made it more relevant now-a-days. We tend to do everything online, be it celebrating an occasion, performing Puja & rituals, practicing Yoga, consulting a doctor, conducting social events like birthday celebrations, marriages, doing ‘Adda’ and so on. Online way of doing things is going to take a lion’s share in the time to come. We are very much sure of it.

Online Puja is the new trend to come!
Practicing Yoga with video tutorials

Because, times have changed Honey! Everything is now Online!

Times have changed Honey! Everything is now Online!

Enjoy this movie and give us your valuable comments so that we can bring more such contents specially for you.



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