The term Terracotta is not very uncommon, specially when we talk about gardening and its related activities. Moreover, now-a-days, Terracotta Jewelries are becoming the new fashion. Hundreds and thousands of Terracotta products are available almost everywhere and in every corner of the city. There are, even, many websites which have started listing and selling them online. It is not at all a big deal, now-a-days.

What is Terracotta? Terracotta is a type of clay that is commonly used in making pots, planters, utensils, ornaments of various sizes, shapes and designs. The best of part is: Terracotta products can be made as small as two inches in diameter or height, and as large as your requirements. Customization and flexibilities are possible with Terracotta, because machines are not used.

Terracotta: It is the magic of the hands and the imagination & creativity of the artisans

It is the magic of the hands and the imagination & creativity of the artisans. The shapes and sizes of products made from this material are seemingly endless, so they are quite versatile. This reddish-brown color Terracotta is one of the most natural materials used to make pots & other products and they offer an earthy appeal to the environment they are kept in.

Now-a-days the Terracotta utensils are gaining popularity worldwide mainly due to various benefits they hold. A big thanks to our consciousness to go against plastic and other dangerous chemicals in our day-to-day lives.

Team Bong Haat Binodon has hand picked three such Terracotta utensils which are relevant and hold great benefits for us in this tough period of time.

These three unique pieces of Terracotta utensils are not easily found and come from local artisans from the districts in West Bengal, India. Some of the best collection available, these terracotta utensils are truly unique, offers health benefits and will offer a natural beauty and earthy appeal to your house, specifically to your kitchen and environment they are kept in.

Here go these Terracotta unique pieces-

Earthenware (Glazed) pickle container.

A series of ecofriendly hand crafted pickles container made by the imagination & creativity of the artisans.  This Jar is used to store age old recipes and pickles for domestic use and house hold storage. The superior quality of our craftsmanship makes them perfect for everyday use.

Terracotta: Glazed pickle container


> Handmade with 100% natural red clay.

> The bowls are 100 percent lead and arsenic free

> It is made in raw earthen clay with no glazing inside.

> Earthen clay tableware helps balancing the pH scale of body because of their alkaline nature and heals our body with the elements of earth.

> Easy to clean and refill.

Terracotta: Glazed pickle container

Earthenware (terracotta) water bottle

A collection of revolutionary eco-friendly and hand-crafted water bottles are a must for your household and office use. These Terracotta bottles are hand made using a special mixture of 100% natural red clay, which results in natural cooling of water.

Terracotta water bottle


> 100% natural red clay is used as the raw material.

> The bottle has revolutionary self-cooling capability as it is terracotta ware.

> 1 litre capacity

> Easy to clean & refill and maintenance

> Clay adds a unique flavor to water

Earthenware (Terracotta) spice container

A collection of revolutionary ecofriendly hand-crafted spice container, will not only add natural beauty to your kitchen but will offer various health benefits. For those in love with finery of the old world, these Terracotta are the right choice for Home and Kitchen. The superior quality of the craftsmanship makes them perfect for everyday use.

Terracotta spice container


> Handmade with 100% natural red clay.

> Clay being alkaline in nature helps in neutralizing the pH balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food.

> This jar is used to store any kind of spice items.

> Easy to clean and refill.

Terracotta spice container


Terracotta utensils are known for ‘green’ way of cooking and preserving ingredients. All nutrients and flavors remain preserved inside the pot, creating an excellent foundation for a wholesome food & ingredient.

If you are cooking foods using Terracotta pots, it would be a perfect environment for delicate and slow cooking as heat and moisture circulate slowly in porous of the terracotta pots making the food delicious and healthy. Terracotta pots are suitable for simmering, slow cooking, roasting, frying, baking, and boiling.

Clean and maintenance

Certain easy guidelines will keep your Terracotta utensils clean and maintained. And they are-

  • Do not use soaps cleaning as they may block the delicate pores and affect the taste of the food cooked in terracotta pots.
  • Instead, use scalding hot water and a stiff brush to clean the pot. Baking soda or salt may be used as a cleanser with a scrub sponge.
  • Unglazed terracotta needs a good soak in water for at least 15 minutes before every use.


The outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, has brought a standstill to the life on earth. The craftsmen are the worst sufferers. The outbreak has impacted them the most. Many of them are struggling hard to cope up with the day to day situation. The market or platform of selling craft has got ruined and has no connect with the customers.

Let’s say no to plastic products! Get some eco-friendly essential belongings, like these Terracotta products in order to save our mother nature and these Artisans. Purchasing this can save an artisan’s life by contributing for their livelihood.

The Artisan of these beautiful Terracotta products are associated with The Design Studio from Bolpur, West Bengal.

This organization’s aim is to work for the betterment of the society and to protect the environment in a cheerful manner by aboriginal knowledge and traditional craftsmanship as responsible citizens of the green planet.

We wish them ‘All the very best’ from the core of our hearts.

Business aspects

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