Kumro Torkari (Pumpkin curry) goes well with steam hot rice or Roti or Muri (Puffed Rice). There are couple of such dishes which are made in different ways by different people as per their taste and preference. One such popular dish is Sorse Kumro Torkari (Pumpkin curry) which can be taken both with steam hot rice or Roti and very popularly taken with Muri (Puffed Rice). But being a Bengali I prefer to have this dish with Rice. It tastes simply awesome.

Make this simplest recipe at home and try with hot steam rice. I am sure many of you must be having this dish regularly at home. So here goes the recipe exclusively for Bong Haat Binodon audience.


Methi Seed: Small Qty

Mustard Seed: Small Qty

Dry chilly: 1 Pc

Haldi: Small Qty

Salt: As per requirement

Sugar: 1 TSP

Pumpkin chopped in squares shapes: 200 GMS

Oil: As per requirements

Chilly powder : A pinch 


> Heat oil in a Kadai.

> For tempering add Methi seed, mustard seed, dry chilly together. 

> As they crack add the pumpkin cubes. Fry for 2 mins.

> Then add salt, sugar, chilly powder pinch to taste.

> Cover it and cook for 7-10 mins till the pumpkin gets soft, stir occasionally. 

> No need to add water as it will be a fry recipe.

> Serve hot with chapatis or rice.



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