Nam to Suna Hoga Aapne? You must have heard the names of An Owlsome bag! A flying fly! Connecting dots, An Owl never sleeps, Japanssese Shasiko, Shibori series, a tie n dye, Alpona designs, geometric designs, Jamdani designs, striped designs, Batik design and to name a few? Sounds bizarre to your ears? Yes, that would do, obviously, for some reasons.

These names might sound different to your ears but they would make you look good in the eyes of the beholder. The immediate change that you can see in you, is your personality, for sure, if you put them on.

Yes. You heard it correct. We are talking about a range of lifestyle accessories for summer time, to keep you calm and stay in style! And these summer soothing products are nothing but Tote bags, Hand bags, Hand clutch, Scarf and Stole. All of them are made naturally, organically by the artisans from the rural parts of West Bengal. Yes. You heard it correct. They are from West Bengal, our own Bengal, Amar Sonar Bangla.

What about the materials, design, product information and price?

Let us come to these points one by one because these things matter a lot, at the end of the day.


Regarding materials, the maker has, well taken care of the materials keeping in mind the scorching heat during summer season. These accessories are made of summer friendly fabrics like cotton, muslin, linen, Tussar silk, Khadi cotton, organic cotton, mercerized cotton.


As far as the designs are concerned, the maker has varieties of designs to suit your varied needs. The designs available are Japanssese Shasiko, Shibori series, Bengali Alpona designs, geometric designs, jamdani designs, striped designs, batik design, kantha design and many more.

Stole | Handloom cotton | Hand batik | Natural indigo
Scarf | Block batik | Handloom cotton | Natural indigo
Hand embroidery |linen Stole | Kantha stitch | Alpona Design
Tote Bags | Hand painting with natural dye | Cotton
Stole | Handloom cotton (Muslin) | Hand shibori (ori-nui)
Stole | Hand Shibori (ori-nui , kumo) | Handloom cotton (muslin)

Tribute designs

The best part of their design portfolio is Tribute designs which we found, are absolutely fantastic.  Their tribute design portfolio has couple of designs such as “a tribute to Frida Kahlo”, ”a tribute to Marlin Monroe”, “a tribute to Rankinkar Baij”. These designs, what we feel, will not only make you Kool but will change your personality too.

A tribute to Rankinkar Baij | Stole | Screen print with natural dye | Khadi cotton
A Tribute to Frida Kahlo | Hand embroidery | Cotton | Tote Bag


When we say, the materials are made naturally and organically, the obvious question comes to our minds as to how do they do that. Isn’t it? Here go the answers.

While making them, the artisans use multiple techniques. They use techniques like eco printing process,  hand embroidery, Shasiko, hand painting, Tie-dye, hand shibori (ori-nui), handmade kantha design and Bengali Alpona designs and many others.

Natural dye
Eco printing process
Eco printing process

Money matters

After so much of talking, storytelling, displaying pictures and bla bla bla, what matters is how much does it hit you money wise. Isn’t it?  Because everything boils down to money, honey!

The price range of these products starts from as low as Rs. 350 and max Rs. 3500 depending upon the products, materials, designs and techniques used.

Before we say goodbye, a big ‘Hats off’ and a sincere Bow from Bong Haat Binodon team to the artisans of this organization for their brilliant ideas and designs.

Yes. Till now we are talking about The Design Studio from Bolpur, West Bengal.

This organization’s aim is to work for the betterment of the society and to protect the environment in a cheerful manner by aboriginal knowledge and traditional craftsmanship as responsible citizens of the green planet.

We wish them ‘All the very best’ from the core of our hearts.

Business aspects

To inquire about these products, business partnership, customization, bulk supply, import & exports, you can leave your message in the comment section.

We will arrange a revert for you. We promise!

Alternatively you can visit our Facebook page.



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