You are Bong and do not like egg roll? Impossible. There are varieties of Egg rolls made in Kolkata and across India. Doc says Egg rolls are junk food due to the fact that all purpose flour/Maida is used while making egg rolls. And it is true.

But my recipe of Egg roll is different and a bit healthy unlike oily & usual egg rolls people eat in Dhaba or food stalls. And making this rice Egg roll is bit simpler than usual rolls. The best part is you do not have to knead a dough nor have to make round Roti shapes..!

Here goes the recipe-


> Rice flour-2 spoons 

> Flour/Maida-2 spoons 

> Salt- to taste

> Eggs-2

> Black pepper-1 teaspoon

> Cucumber 1/2 : finely chopped 

> Onion-1 -finely chopped

> Green chilly-1


> In a mixing bowl put together the rice flour, flour, salt, eggs , pepper and mix to a fine mixture without lumps.

> Add 1/2 cup water to adjust the consistency and make a smooth batter. Should be free flowing.

> Add more water if required.

> Take a fry pan heat 1 tea spoon oil.

> Pour 1 big spoonful batter and spread evenly in size of a roti.

> Fry both sides.Remove from tawa, a fill onion, green chilly, cucumber as desired.

> You can put tomato ketchup and chilly sauce if desired.

> Make a roll with the help of tissue and serve hot.

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