Indranil Mukherjee is an extremely professional artist, an entertainer to the core and his music speaks volumes when he plays with the disc and the music.

He has collaborated with Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, English and German music industry and has many popular remixes to his credit. He has mesmerized crowds globally and music lovers have always had their evening’s excitement and thrill up to the last minute of his show. He is one of the best DJs in Switzerland. He is a Bong at heart, from Uttarpara in Hooghly district in West Bengal, India.

In an exclusive interaction with Shruti Banerjee, DJ Indra revealed some of the facts which will surely motivate & entertain you and make you feel proud as a Bengali.


Shruti: You are considered to be one of the best DJ in Switzerland, how do you feel about it?

DJ Indra: A DJ is just like any other musician and there’s no formula as such unless your music sounds good for the audience who are here at the party. And it is purely the art of mixing. And this is even complicated. The best DJ in the world can’t win over an audience determined to be hostile for some reason at the party.

Shruti: Please tell us something about you: your education, career, hobbies, dreams.

DJ Indra: I am a computer engineer by education and this was my profession till 2011. I am from Uttarpara in Hooghly district in West Bengal. I am still a 100% Bengali at heart and mind and I wish to remain so throughout my life. I am in Switzerland since 2008. And I am a full-time DJ in Switzerland since 2011. I love DJing. Besides this I love hiking and photography and travelling. Spain is my best international tourist destination and Darjeeling being the best domestic tourist destination.

Shruti: Please share your DJing experience in Switzerland?

DJ Indra: I was a House DJ with 250 people at Cognizant party when India won Cricket World Cup 2011. After that happened Maharaja Night in 2019 and it was Switzerland’s one of the biggest Indian Bollywood event. I, along with three other DJs, could manage to entertain a crowd of more than 2000 people. It was an amazing experience altogether. I am DJ in Switzerland since 2011 and I do 7 to 8 events in a year. I have also had my events in Spain and Barcelona for my corporate clients. I always prefer to have a min crowd size of 100 in any party and I have already done an open-air party with more than 5000 people. I do always prefer high energy big crowd in my event.

Shruti: How come you changed your career from a Tech professional to an entertainer as a DJ? What keeps you motivated and going as a DJ?

DJ Indra: I got my first break as a DJ with Cognizant, my employer in Switzerland in 2011. It was a House DJ party with 250 crowd at Cognizant when India won Cricket World Cup 2011. I told you earlier that DJing is my passion. My dream is to spread positivity and love and bring people together at one place through art, music, creativity and new ideas. And this is what I am trying to do since 2011 as a professional DJ. One of the biggest dreams of mine is to do Open Air Bollywood DJ event. I want to bring out a fusion of Bengali, Hindi, English and European music to cater to the global demand. And these things have kept me motivated.

Shruti: What are the challenges you face as a DJ in the industry?

DJ Indra: The best DJ in the world can’t win over an audience determined to be hostile for some reason at the party.

Shruti: You are a Bong and did you ever think of making a career in Bengali DJ fraternity? How do you see the career as a Bengali DJ?

DJ Indra: Why not? I would love to do a DJ event with Bengali songs. Yes, I can see there is a big prospect of DJing Bengali songs mainly because of the diverse nature of music it has.

I can see there is a big prospect of DJing Bengali songs mainly because of the diverse nature of music it has.

Shruti: What message you wish to give to your audience during this Corona pandemic round the globe?

DJ Indra: Spread positivity through your own creativity, art, music which many are already doing during this global crisis sitting at home. Try to be your own. I really appreciate these efforts from the core of my heart. And what I personally feel is that if we continue putting our efforts the results will surely come.

Shruti: What about the prospects that you could see DJ as a career?

DJ Indra: Huge prospects and one has to take advantage of the diverse nature of music the world has.

Shruti: Bengali New Year 1427 is round the corner; any message for the Bengali audience?

DJ Indra: I wish a very Happy Bengali New Year 1427 to all my friends, colleagues and near & dear ones. A big big big Subho Noboborsho 1427 to all of them.

Shruti: Can you share some of your creativity as a DJ or any rap songs for Bengali audience?

DJ Indra:Yet come very soon. Please wait and watch.

The entire team Bong Haat Binodon wishes DJ Indra all the luck for his courage and endeavor as a professional DJ.



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