The richness of Vedic India can’t be destroyed & nature is so great to preserve these evidences for us to learn about our glorious past & align ourselves with our current day advancements.

A sneak peek into Mahendragiri in the Eastern Ghats and it’s connect with Ramayana & Mahabharata.

After clearing the mortal world / earth 21 times from the Khastriya’s Lord Parashuram created a great Sarovar from the blood of Khastriya’s at the Bramhsarovar in Kurukshetra, wherein he not only worshiped his Spiritual master Lord Shiva, but also received the instructions to retire to the original order of his sainthood & meditate in the same place where he had achieved his powers granted to him by Lord Shiva, which is none other then Mahendragiri ( Now in Gajapati District of Odisha).

However before retiring to Mahendragiri he decided to install his Parashu (The Legendary Celestial Weapon) after which his name had been created to a place near to Mahendragiri & also a abode of his Lord Shiva – Tunganath now in Gumla District of Jharkhand. It’s here that even till day that his Parashu can be found which he had installed here. Legends say many had come to retrieve it, but alas none could manage. The last picture that you see is the Parashu. The Ancient Tunganath Temple is visited & greatly revered by the locals & visitors flock every year to have a darshan of Lord Tunganath & the Parashu which is worshiped with equal devotion. The decaying artifacts & ageing temples around the site speak of the enormous spiritual & historical relevance of the place  which is coupled with the scenic beauty, makes it a perfect Tapobhumi.

Mahendragiri as seen in the pictures is till today hosting Lord Parashuram who is also one of the Eight Chiranjeevi Purush & ancient scriptures point to his presence even today in Mahendragiri, suggesting that he should not be disturbed from his penance. Scriptures suggest that he will break his meditation & come down from Mahendragiri at the end of Kaliyug when Lord Kalki arrives to assist him to restore order into this world. It’s but quite similar to what happened in the Dwapar Yug when he had handed over the Sudarshan Chakra to Sri Krishna, when the latter completed his education along with his elder brother Lord Balaram at the Sandeepani Muni Ashram in Ujjain.

Mahendra Parvat holds great relevance in the ancient Hindu Scriptures & Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva built by the Pandavas during the 12 year exile can still be found here. Anybody interested in following the Mahabharata Trail of the Pandavas should definitely visit the Mahendragiri Parvat’s to seek divine blessings from Lord Parashuram himself. It is a ‘Kula Parvata’ along with MalayaSahyadriParijatraShuktimanVindhya and Malyavaan.In the Puranas and Ramayana It is said that Parashurama was mediating on Mahendragiri when Lord Rama broke the sacred bow of Shiva.

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