Valor and Dharma’ are two of a kind for Naga Sadhus. They have been warrior saints and taken on numerous conflicts against Islamic Invaders and after that with the British forces, in this manner shielding Hindus and temples. Who is curious about with the valor of the Naga Sadhus shielding Gokul from the Afghans drove by Sardar Khan? In like manner they shielded Hindus and temples for a few centuries. Do you know Naga Sadhus severely crushed Aurangzeb and his powers in Varanasi? This battle occurred close to the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi in 1664. Aurangzeb and his powers had come to loot Kashi Vishwanath temple and more temples in the locale. Also, the Naga Sadhus guarded the temple from the primitive Mughal raiders. Aurangzeb didn’t set out to assault Varanasi again until 1669.

They have no fear of death and their weapons are the Trishul, sword, & stick. They additionally convey different weapons including melodic instruments and conch shells. Their debris secured bodies and tangled locks separate them from different sadhus.

Kashi Vishwanath Temple was assaulted a few times by Islamic invaders. It was first demolished by Qutb-ud-racket Aibak in 1194 AD. He was then an officer under the military of Mohammad Ghori. Kashi was pillaged again by the Sharqi rulers of the Jaunpur Sultanate pursued by the Muslim armed force of Sikandar Lodhi in the 15thcentury. It was revamped by Raja Todar Mal in the last piece of the 16th century, for example in 1585.

Aurangzeb and his Mughal powers assaulted Kashi Vishwanath Temple in 1664(First Invansion). The Naga Sadhus opposed and protected the temple. They gravely vanquished Aurangzeb and his powers. This thrashing of the Mughals discovers notice in James G. Lochtefeld’s book The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism, Volume 1. According to this book, the Naga Sadhus of Mahanirvani Akhara of Varanasi offered opposition against Aurangzeb. The book additionally depicts the annihilation of the Mughals. The writer ran over this historical event in a written by hand book in the documents of the Mahanirvani Akhara in Varanasi. He portrayed the event as the ‘Battle of Gyan Vapi’ in his book.
Truly, Aurangzeb may have or probably won’t have been actually present in that battle yet it is 100% genuine that his Mughal armed force was seriously vanquished by the Naga Sadhus in 1664.

Aurangzeb assaulted Varanasi again following four years, for example in 1669 (Second Invansion), and vandalized the temple. He built a mosque in its place called the Gyanvapi mosque. This mosque still exists in the temple premise. The way that Aurangzeb himself lead this Second Battle in 1669 driving the development of the mosque in the temple reason recommends that he may have been available in 1664 as well!

When Aurangzeb assaulted Varanasi the second time in 1669, Naga Sadhus more likely than not fought back till their final gasp. As per local old stories and oral portrayals, around 40,000 Naga Sadhus sacrificed their lives, shielding Kashi Vishwanath Jyotirling.

In 1780, Ahilyabai Holkar, little girl in-law of Maratha lord Malhar Rao, built the present temple structure neighboring the Gyanvapi mosque. Ahilyabai Holkar additionally remodeled a lot more temples the nation over including the Char Dhams other than dealing with their upkeep. Baiza Bai, widow of the Maratha ruler Daulat Rao Scindhia of Gwalior, further extended the Kashi Vishwanath temple pursued by more development in later years under the support of increasingly Hindu rulers and dealers. The Raja of Nepal talented a 7-foot high stone statue of Nandi bull to be introduced. While Bhosales of Nagpur gave silver, the 1 ton gold utilized for plating the arch of the place of worship was given by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.



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