If you are a true Bong minded person who loves tradition and culture of Kolkata, then you are bound to celebrate a Monsoon Bong Fish Fiesta, in the kitchen, during these July- August -September months. The abundance of fishes like Hilsa/Illish, Pabda/Butter Fish, Prawn and many more caught by our happy fishermen and the profound site of availability in the local market excite our taste buds to buy back home few variants and to cook in style for your guest and family members. Here, these recipes are helping hand for the preparation you wish to incorporate for separate fish. We can’t ignore the usual instinct of traditional Bengali cooking methods of Jhol/Jhal/Bhapa, but few addition of trendy ingredients sometimes can satisfy the excellent dining options at home itself.

Narkel Kheer Chingri

Ingredients Required:

400 grams of small Prawns

40 grams of Khoya Kheer

1/2 teaspoon Cookme Turmeric powder

1/2 teaspoon of Cookme Chilli powder

1/4th teaspoon Cookme Kalonji Seeds

1/4th cup of fresh grated coconut

5 Green Chillies

1/2 teaspoon Black Mustard Paste

3 teaspoon Mustard Oil

1 teaspoon Ghee

Salt to taste

Preparation Method:

At first clean and dry the prawns, season with salt, turmeric and chilli powder.

Heat a frying pan with ghee, fry the prawns for few minutes. Keep it aside.

Add oil and temper with kalonji seed, coconut, chillies, khoya kheer crumbs and salt. Stir fry till combines to a masala mix for few minutes.

Next add the prawns and mustard paste, fry by adding a teaspoon of water until fully cooked and the recipe looks moistened but not dry. Check for salt .

Serve hot with Basanti Pulao or Steamed Basmati rice.



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