The buzz word COVID-19 has taken tolls on our lives undoubtedly but opened many doors and avenues for us to explore. There is no deny of the facts that the loss, due to COVID-19, is huge and it would take years to compensate the loss. This lock down impacted our lives in multiple ways.

People have resorted to fulfilling their incomplete dreams, male counterparts started assisting their female counterparts and vice versa, people are just spending quality times with their family members, some are willingly snatching works from other family members, primarily to keep him/her engaged and to stay fit & fine. There numerous such uncommon instances which are happening on daily basis under this lock down. Uncommons are turning out to be very commons. And it is true.

“Bala Randho to Dekhi” is such an uncommon initiative by Bong Haat Binodon, powered by Bong Haat to keep the audience engaged in creating unique, uncommon and lost recipes during this lock down period.

The contest was live for 5 days for the participants to submit their recipes. The response was really good and people from different parts of the world participated and shared recipes with us. We received quite a good number recipes and  10 out of them got featured on this platform.

Here goes some of the interesting recipes we received from this contest-

Kumro Chingri by Amrita Ray

To see the recipe of Kumro Chingri click here

Kadaishutir Kochuri by Aparna Chatterjee

To see the recipe of Kadaishutir Kochuri click here

Chicken Creamy Chop by Camelia Kazi

To see the recipe of Chicken Creamy Chop, click here

Khichurir Cutlet by Debarati Roy

To see the recipe of Khichurir Cutlet, click here

Tawa Pizza made at home by Sharmistha Sar

To see the recipe of Tawa Pizza, click here

Bengali Pantua by Amit Kanjilal  

To see the recipe of Bengali Pantua, click here

Chicken Hariyali by Srimayi Dan

To see the recipe of Chicken Hariyali, click here

Vegetable Chop by Taniya Ghosh

To see the recipe of Vegetable Chop, click here

Egg Malai by Trisha Choudhary

To see the recipe of Egg Malai, click here

Bada Pao by Tanmay Sar

To see the recipe of Bada Pao, click here

So if you have started feeling tempted and have started salivating too, then write your feedback in the comment section and wait for some more exciting contests to come.

We would come up with much better experience in future. We promise.

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